QAI is Unbiased
No Training!

BIAS is the biggest challenge in machine learning


No Training; No Models; Unbiased;
Indefinitely Scalable Artificial Intelligence


QAI is an emergent approximate computational oracle machine, enabling real-time NP-Hard/NP-Complete dynamic optimization, real time machine learning that is model free, requires no training, is unbiased and scales indefinitely.

In QAI, dynamically evolving world models are generated by measuring quantum information entropy, which results in provably optimal self-organizing models. Further, these QAI models tell you what you can never know given a set of data inputs.

QAI Cognitive Reactors(TM) implement a high assurance self-managing peer to peer collective intelligence high performance network. QAI address the challenges of current machine learning systems using new quantum signaling fine-grained reinforcement learning which addresses computationally hard challenges requiring supercomputing machine learning performance. 

  • No training; no models -- is unbiased
  • Quantum signaling for dynamic neuron self-organization
  • QAI, a collective AI, acts as the brain to heterogeneous systems
  • Turn-key 4D operating system with novel machine learning programming language for AI server development
  • Unsupervised reinforcement learning (fine-grained)
  • Real-time operations; multi-core GPU and FPGA enabled
  • Deep learning network formation, connectionless processing
  • Dynamic compartmentalized neuron virtual circuits

Addressing Machine Learning BIAS

Bias is inherent in all current machine learning algorithms. This is because their training sets must be biased for all current machine learning algorithms to generalize their inputs properly. 

QAI addresses this problem without training sets and models by implementing patent-pending reinforcement learning based solely on quantum information entropy, validated as unbiased in therapeutic small molecule drug discovery. QAI learns in real-time, which results in instant deep learning network formation and self-organization.

The novel QAI unbiased quantum information approach to machine learning is generalized to any machine learning application. QAI is a turnkey AI machine learning platform that is guaranteed to provide unbiased generalization.

QAI features embedded collective operation where many heterogeneous systems seamlessly work together. QAI is composed of billions of agents that interact like virtual artificial neurons, forming and breaking connections creating deep learning networks on-demand. Deep learning is automatic and based upon an artificial neural network model that mimics Young's interference experiment, also called Young's double-slit interferometer, which is fundamental to quantum wave dynamics.

The platform is easily deployed into planned and existing systems. It is the only AI embedded platform featuring secure, collective operation where many systems can be linked together through QAI collective AI technology. Applications involve just about all commercial market sectors, including military. QAI can collect, fuse, understand and communicate real-time sensor inputs using all modalities.

QAI collective intelligence has multi-media survivability and can communicate with users through speech, vision, email and secure phone communication where it speaks with the operator it authenticates to receive mission commands. QAI is a robust system with thousands of capabilities.


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