QAI SPECTRE™ Super Turing Machine Design Flow

QAI SPECTRE™ super Turing machine design flow starts with our self-organizing super Turing synthesis system, proceeds through chip layout optimization including full electromagnetic modeling. Next, the tool used to design the digital finite state machines for the advice machine digital component is applied. The entire system is co-simulated end-to-end, including exothermal modeling, foundry design rule check (DRC) and finally tape-out (photomask generation) to be sent to the foundry to make the SPECTRE module. The output of the tool that creates the super Turing machine system digital component hybrid interface is an industry standard specification in either VHDL or Verilog hardware description language, which is used to implement the digital component of the super Turing machine system design within an FPGA (or digital ASIC) for the engineering prototype interface to the SPECTRE modules. Once the full super Turing engineering prototype is tested, the reference design of the full super Turing machine is produced in volume to customer requirements.