QAI SPECTRE™ Super Turing Machine Quantum Computer Challenge

QAI SPECTRE™ super Turing analog recurrent neural network machines exceed all P-Space reducible (Turing limited) digital and quantum computers because of their ability to compute directly with irrational numbers (all P-Space reducible machines are restricted to rational numbers, quantum computers or otherwise). This enables QAI SPECTRE™ unlimited degrees of 3 THz+ per neuron problem solving freedom. QAI SPECTRE™ analog neural networks are dynamically self-organize using wireless semiconductor ultra high virtual fan in and fan out multi-level dynamic interconnect, enabling neuron instant response at sub millimeter wave frequencies to solve NP-Hard problems in linear time. We at QAI challenge any quantum computer company to demonstrate that QAI SPECTRE™ obsoletes any form of P-Space reducible quantum machines including any quantum parallel processor. QAI SPECTRE™ intends to dominate all digital and quantum computers using our QAI SPECTRE™ 4D on micro cooled diamond multi-chip modules, which are radiation hardened, self-healing, EHF, GaAs/GaN, analog and self-organizing.