Super Turing AI “Dog Walks” Turing Machine AI

I posted on this below but the key takeaway, beside the typical Google smoke and mirrors, is that SPECTRE super Turing BRAIN CHIP AI machines “dog walk” AI implemented with Turing limited computers. The reason is SPECTRE irrational number degrees of freedom completely out maneuver Turing machine rational number constrained machines in any NP-Hard contest. They are outmatched, like as if humans were taking on advanced space aliens, contrary to Hollywood, we would be crushed, a quick no contest joke.

As an example let’s say we had a problem that is chaos based in the real world, like weather prediction (because Google scientist said they are hoping to tackle that rofl). Edward Lorenz, one of my first early mentors, invented chaos theory, so I know a lot about it. I once hosted Mitch Feigenbaum at Locke-Ober restaurant in Boston funded by GTE when he flew up from Rockefeller University to hang out with me at GTE microelectronics lab. We had a $500 dollar meal in a two person private room and went back to GTE and hung out with the GTE executives and did photo ops and so forth.

Chaotic systems are analog super Turing, so problems like weather prediction are insolvable with any Turing machines because Turing machines loose accuracy rapidly when trying to predict a super Turing system, including quantum computers, (real fractals are analog and only approximated by Turing machines btw). Conversely, SPECTRE super Turing machines match the chaotic system dynamics because of the irrational degrees of analog problem solving freedom and the 3 terahertz+ performance of course does this faster than real time. Real time is in time, so faster than real time simply means that if a Turing machine AI competes against a super Turing machine AI the super Turing machine AI runs many circles around Turing machine AI like it’s standing still.

Summary: super Turing AI out thinks Turing AI and can accurately predict chaotic systems.

This is why a country that is first to deploy with SPECTRE super Turing machines dominates all Turing machine countries. They loose forever.