QAI SPECTRE™ Super Turing Analog Semiconductor Wireless Neuron Quantum Diffusion Self-Organization

Brief layman explanation of QAI SPECTRE™ neuron semiconductor wireless signaling with quantum diffusion: If a signal is broadcast from semiconductor neuron (agent) "b" the signal spreads as a 4D MCM wavefront. If no other neuron is able to receive the signal the wavefront expands and dissipates. If a neuron is in the path of the wavefront it receives the signal and the wavefront collapses instantly and the signal is not available to any other neuron device. If there are two ("a" and "c") neurons in the path of the wavefront broadcast by neuron "b" and they are equal virtual MCM distant from the transmitting neuron (in this case neuron "b"), both neurons "a" and "c" receive the signal upon the wavefront collapse. If neuron "a" is closer to neuron "b", (the transmitter), than neuron "c" (i.e. neuron "c" is further away from the transmitter neuron "b" than neuron "a"), then neuron "a" receives the signal upon the wavefront collapse resulting in neuron "c" not receiving the signal. The only manner that neuron "c" in this scenario can receive the signal from neuron "b" is if neuron "a" is not available to receive a signal. QAI SPECTRE™ 4D MCM super Turing physical semiconductor neurons change virtual coordinates and continuously adapt. Besides solving NP-Hard problems in linear time, this continuous adaptive capability can be used to implement adaptive artificial intelligence robots or UAVs (for example), which learn from experience without catastrophic retraining. QAI SPECTRE™ super Turing machines change the world.

This together with infinite irrational number degrees of problem solving freedom is the basis for QAI SPECTRE™ machines solving NP-Hard exponential problems in linear time. The analog VLSI hardware virtually adapts in parallel to solve the problem, but unlike natural systems, (like the recent Amoeba experiment in Japan that demonstrated living system super Turing processing), QAI SPECTRE™ functions at 3 Terahertz speed, solving exponentially hard problems in the blink of an eye. Many cool applications of applying QAI SPECTRE™.