Companies Don’t Create Laws

I am sometimes asked if I am concerned/restrict how our QAI SPECTRE™ super Turing analog neural computing synthesis technology is applied. It’s not a company relevant question, no more so than if Mentor, Cadence or Keysight were asked these kind of questions about their EDA tools. These kind of questions are all covered by existing import/export laws. A company cannot restrict who it sells its product to except as covered by existing law. More specifically, Apple can’t say, “I am not going to sell you an iPhone if you are not going to call your mom weekly”, for example. This is much different for companies that build application specific products with questionable or ambiguous primary or dual use since this gets into moral issues and social responsibility, (Google Dragonfly, which Google halted was an example), but for purely application neutral technology existing laws are the fundamental constraints a company can lawfully manage. #qaispectre #qai #brainchip