Automated III-V Analog Circuit MCM Engineering

QAISPECTREBRAINCHIP.jpg LLC is a Montana engineering company. The company focus is development of analog circuit and multi-chip modules specializing in III-V semiconductor processes using company proprietary automated synthesis technology.

The QAI SPECTRE™ analog circuit behavioral synthesis system is an advanced automated analog circuit synthesis system that automates the development of complex analog circuit designs for diverse application challenges, including monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC), millimeter wave circuits, EHF sub-millimeter wave circuits and EHF analog computation circuits and multi-chip modules.

III refers to the boron group within the periodic table of the elements (the table columns). V refers to the nitrogen group (the table rows). Consequently III-V. QAI upon special request also works in exotic non III-V semiconductors including uranium dioxide.

The output of the QAI SPECTRE™ synthesis system are SPICE circuit description models, which are imported into current analog EDA systems, including Keysight ADS, NI-AWR MWO, Cadence Virtuoso and other SPICE compatible EDA design platforms for III-V circuit refinement, layout, simulation and DRC tape-out. A computational application of QAI SPECTRE™ is the design and synthesis of non deterministic computational circuits, which use uncomputable real numbers to analyze chaotic phenomena including atmospheric events, air frame turbulence and extreme weather events.

Circuits are implemented as analog III-V MCM semiconductor devices. The company partners to design novel EHF WBG systems. We use III-V semiconductor foundries in the US and EU.