Analog Computation Corp is U.S. defense contractor and wholly owned subsidiary of QAICom Technologies LTd. with partners throughout North America and EU. We focus on the design and development of mixed signal SiP multi-chip modules implementing application specific stochastic super Turing analog hybrid turnkey machines for use in space, defense and commercial industrial applications. Our focus is development of analog systems that convert quantum and digital calculations into efficient analog circuits.

Company analog super Turing machine computation utilizes non computable real numbers that are combined with new adaptive non deterministic analog device circuits and III-V composite semiconductors. The result are multi-chip module SiP machines implementing III-V ultra high performance solutions to DoD and industry challenges.

Machines are developed using our company proprietary automated III-V SiP semiconductor process engineering synthesis technology. Our turnkey SiP solutions are fabricated using III-V U.S. and EU semiconductor process foundries and partners. We excel at mission critical module development solving the most complex space and defense application challenges for both the U.S. and the EU.